Markel Equine insurance

Markel Equine Insurance Coverage

Markel Equine Insurance provides specialized coverage for horse owners, farms, and equine operations. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Markel offers a variety of policies to accommodate the unique needs of the equine community. From liability to property and auto coverage, Markel strives to protect both the animals and the businesses connected to them.

Through its network of exclusive insurance agents, Markel ensures that its clients receive expert advice and support from industry professionals. The insurance policies are designed to be easily tailored to suit each client’s situation, allowing for versatile and comprehensive coverage options that cater to all aspects of the equine industry.

Key Points

  • Markel Equine Insurance offers specialized policies for horse owners, farms, and equine operations.
  • Clients can access expert advice and support from industry professionals with lifetime experience.
  • The coverage options are highly customizable, ensuring that the unique needs of the equine community are met.

Markel Coverage Options

Markel’s horse insurance coverage offers a wide range of policy options designed to protect equine business owners and caretakers from potential liabilities and risks in their specific industry. By customizing the policies according to the needs and budget, Markel ensures comprehensive protection for businesses within the equine sector.

Commercial Equine Liability Insurance

Markel’s commercial equine liability insurance is specifically designed for various types of horse-related businesses, including boarding, breeding, training, riding instruction, horse sales, clinics, and personal horses.

Key coverages offered by Markel’s commercial equine liability insurance include:

  • Equine liability with limits ranging from $300,000 to $1 million for bodily injury and property damage
  • General liability aggregate limits, thrice the liability per occurrence limit
  • Fire legal liability up to $100,000 at no charge (in most states)
  • Medical payments up to $5,000

Additionally, the policy also covers defense costs paid in excess of the policy limit, limited athletic participants coverage, personal/advertising injury, and products/completed operations.

Care, Custody, and Control Insurance

Horse owners and caretakers who board, train, or breed horses they do not own may require Markel’s care, custody, and control insurance. The coverage reimburses the insured for amounts they are legally obligated to pay for death, injury, or theft of horses in their care.

Non-Owned Horse Equipment Coverage

Markel offers a non-owned horse equipment coverage, which provides a $10,000 liability limit for non-owned horse equipment. This coverage is available via endorsement to your commercial equine liability or horse farm package policies, with no deductible applied.

Excess or Umbrella Liability

Markel also offers excess or umbrella liability coverage, with a self-insured retention of $10,000. Primary general liability policy must be written with Markel, whereas the auto and employers liability can be written with outside carriers. This coverage provides an excess limit of general liability over third-party liability coverages.

Association Membership Credits

Members of accredited professional associations may be eligible for a 10% credit towards their liability premium. This benefit allows equine business owners to access more economical insurance coverage, without compromising the quality of protection.

Types Of Equine Policies

Mortality Coverage

Markel offers mortality coverage for your horses, which provides financial protection in the event of your horse’s death, theft, or humane destruction due to an illness or injury. Coverage options vary, and it is essential to select a policy that fits your specific needs.

Major Medical Coverage

Alongside mortality coverage, Markel also provides major medical coverage, which covers veterinary expenses in case of illness, injury, or disease. This coverage option helps ensure that your horse receives the necessary medical treatment without causing undue financial stress.

Loss of Use Coverage

In certain situations, a horse may become unusable due to an injury or illness. Markel’s loss of use coverage assists in providing financial compensation if your horse is no longer able to perform its intended function. This type of insurance is particularly valuable for high-performance or show horses.

Liability Coverage

Horse owners and businesses face potential liabilities and risks daily. Markel’s liability coverage helps protect you from claims arising from your horse’s actions or accidents occurring on your premises. They offer commercial general liability coverage with limits of $300,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 per occurrence, depending on your needs.

Additional Coverages

In addition to the core coverages mentioned above, Markel also offers additional coverages to further customize your policy, including:

  • Surgical coverage: Covers the cost of specific surgical procedures.
  • Colic coverage: Provides financial protection for expenses related to colic treatment.
  • Tack and equipment coverage: Protects your valuable riding equipment against theft, damage, or loss.

Markel’s wide range of coverage options ensures that you can tailor a policy to fit your unique equine insurance needs. Remember to review each option carefully and work with an experienced agent to help you navigate the selection process.